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Just wanted to ask, is there a 'peaceful' way to win the fight?


Can someone tell me if you can play on chromebook? i need to know.


Hey i saw this game and recognized the background music, cant think of the song name though or the lyrics that went with it. If i could get a link to the music video or something that would be great, also great production of the game its very funny

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the song is pretty rave girl or basshunter . i made an account just to tell


i made an account just to upvote your comment


omg tysm lol tbh i made an account just to get the song 


Basshunter - DotA


My college tutor sung this on a livestream and we meme him for it so I had to check this game out lul.

For ze memes.

Happy to help!

heya, came from reddit. I wanna play it but i can't bring myself to watch that.

anywho, what language didja use?